ALTAY Defence and Industry is primarily engaged in Machine Design, Manufacturing, Revision, and Automation. Focusing particularly on the rapid developments in the Defence Industry in our country, we commenced our operations in 2019. Our company's experiences are built upon a cumulative knowledge spanning over 20 years in the industry.
With expertise in the design, production, installation, and operation of light, medium, and heavy-caliber ammunition components, we provide services both domestically and internationally. Our vision is dedicated to continuous improvement and making significant contributions to value-added projects. We aim to strengthen our industry leadership by prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Crafted Quality Through Experience in

Ammunition Component Manufacturing

With a highly skilled team and modern technology, we optimize our customers’ facilities, reshape production processes, and maximize efficiency through automation.
Our professional technical team provides effective support during installation, maintenance, and repair processes. Our 24/7 accessible service allows us to address issues promptly.
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Our Services

Altay Defence and Industry offers comprehensive revision, automation, and custom manufacturing services to enhance efficiency in industrial processes.
With our customer-focused approach, we work at every stage to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. By combining modern technology with the expertise of our skilled team, we deliver customized machinery and equipment to our customers. Through our revision services aimed at updating and optimizing existing systems, we elevate our clients’ facilities to the highest standards. Our professional maintenance, renewal, and automation efforts enhance the performance of systems.