Primer Loading Machine

The PLC-controlled Light Caliber Primer Loading Machine, a perfect combination of technology and design, performs the primer insertion and riveting processes for light caliber ammunition casings with unique precision. The rotary system swiftly and accurately processes the casings, while the vibratory primer feeding device ensures the correct positioning of the primer through optical sensors. The depth of the first casing is measured for automatic correction, and if the primer is inserted upside down, the machine immediately stops and alerts the user. The mechanical riveting process ensures a perfect seal between the primer and the casing.

In case of an error detected at the final station, the machine automatically separates faulty products, ensuring a seamless and error-free production process. Going beyond industry standards, our machine optimizes primer loading system in the most efficient way for the production of light caliber ammunition casings, providing reliability, precision, and user-friendly operation.

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